Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ultimate baby book!

I've always said blogging is an excellent way to keep record of your kids' milestones. Problem is, you have to weed through all of it to find what you're looking for. Oh well, some day I'll have all kinds of time and just want to pour over all my ramblings and find the tidbits of information. Right? Mmmm hmmm.

Ok. So. Declan has been screaming at bedtime for about 5 nights now. Heather suggested ear infection, I hadn't really considered it. Honestly, I have been scolding him for screaming and not going to sleep - I thought he was being naughty. Bad mommy! He's actually got an ear infection! 10 mommy points to Heather. He's now had his first dose of Zithromax (love that drug) and is drugged with motrin...and went off to sleep without tears. Sleep well sweet man. On Sunday you will enter the world of TWOs!!

Macey and Madelyn are getting so cute. Macey is the smiley one. She is the squealer and the talker and the SMILER! She will hone in on you and just beam. It's so endearing. She is a very sweet little girl with a softer, less forceful cry than Madelyn. She's happy to be Macey and is getting quite good at grabbing toys to bring them to her mouth.

Madelyn is more serious. She can get good and mad, and cries quite loudly and forceably. We have this little song, "The mad in Madelyn stands for mad, it really, really stands for madddd!" It's true. Madelyn will smile (with that same, precious dimple in the left corner of her mouth) but you've gotta work for it. Madelyn has huge, doe eyes, and she will lock eyes with you in a way that melts you.

On to the milestones. And this is where twins amaze me. Macey rolled over (back to front) this morning around 10am. She rolled to her left...incidentally she also sucks her left 2 fingers. I was gone taking Declan to the dr for his ear infection after this, and James told me that Madelyn rolled over (back to front) within hours after Macey! Madelyn rolled to her right...incidentally she also sucks her RIGHT two fingers. Fascinating! They did the exact same thing, opposite directions, within just hours of one another, in birth order - Macey first, Madelyn second. I guess what's so interesting to me is that Macey has appeared ready to roll for weeks now and Madelyn hasn't shown ANY signs of readiness until earlier this morning. I guess that's the ultimate case of peer pressure. Or what would that be...wombmate pressure??

(And as an aside, yes, I grilled James to make sure he told me the right baby rolled while I was gone. He announced that Madelyn had rolled over and I hautily assured him that it had to have been Macey. Then he told me which side of the playyard the said baby was on. *I* was wrong. It has to happen once per year. I guess I got it in early this year.)


Manda said...

Glad that declan slept peacefully last night!!!

Way to go girls!!!! They're growing so fasst!!!!!

Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Oh my! Declan is 2 on Sunday?!??! Holy cow, that means Naomi turns 2 soon too!! WOW! I just made the realization today that I will need two diaper bags when baby girl Brandt comes in February. One for her, one for Naomi....OK, scary! (Not as scary as three diaper bags for you, but still, scary in my world!) I haven't seen or loved your girls since Fall. There is something wrong with that picture! GOOD JOB GIRLS FOR ROLLING! See, twins are cool, aren't they? ;) I am glad that Heather seems to know her symptoms well...poor Declan with ear infection. :(
Missing you at Bible Study, by the way....