Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3.8 pounds lost!

I'm actually disappointed with this, but I think I have been setting unrealistic expectations for myself honestly. I did lose 3.8 pounds and I should be proud of that, right? It just seems like the whole goal is SO far away if I only am losing 3.8 pounds at a time.

I'm going to resolve to be happy about this, and see how much better I'm already doing.

But to say that I've been stressed lately is an understatement. I've got family stuff going on, I'm trying to cut back on my biggest comfort (food) and there are always diapers to change and bottles to make. I'm feeling stressed. I try to hold it together but last night poor James had me sobbing in bed over just feeling ugly and overwhelmed. Today I feel better, thanks to a visit from Heather, plus this afternoon is my time out without kids and then I get to have dinner with James! I love Tuesdays!


Brouwer Family said...


I wonder if you will be happier with your number next week. I have done WW before (and need to get back on it!) and found that all the hard work seemed to show a week later vs right away.

Sarah said...

Hey almost 4 lbs in a week is awesome! Progress is progress. Hang in there & enjoy your Tuesday!

Myssie said...

Tena! 3.8 pounds is AWESOME!!! Keep up the amazing work girl!!

Jana said...

Dude, I think 3.8 pounds is pretty awesome! Well done, you!

Jen said...

My WW leader told me way back when that the SLOWER it comes off the HIGHER your chance of keeping it off long term. People who lose really fast, have a MUCH harder time maintaining. It took me 10 months to lose 30 pounds but it was SO worth the wait! :-) Now, 3 babies past that weight loss, I'm trying to do it again.