Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So it's been a while...

I encourage people to check here often but do I post often? Nope. It's not for a lack of wanting though. Just time I think.

Yes Jana, sleeping through. Since March 8, 2008. He went from waking every few hours on the night of March 7 to sleeping through for 10 hours on March 8 and has never looked back. We're basically ready for him to move out of the pack n play in our bedroom and share with his older brother, because he sleeps longer than Caden! But first we have to move Avery out of Caden and Avery's bedroom and into her big girl bedroom with Hello Kitty. All things in due time.

Speaking of "big girl", we went last night to register Avery for preschool. She will be attending Creation Station Christian Preschool starting in September. That is, if she is potty trained by then. I came to the realization on Monday night that I am incredibly upset about Avery not being potty trained. And then it hit me. That's not it at all. You know what it is? It's the reality that yet another one of my children is not meeting milestones on time. Do you have ANY idea how hard it is in our society to have children who are not "super stars"? Children who do things early are apparently exceptionally bright. Children's IQ scores (yes, at FOUR) are touted as predictors of future successes. And then if you have a child who doesn't do things early, you've probably got trouble on your hands. Or at least you're not quite as blessed as others.

Obviously, I am speaking in some jest, but this is the overwhelming idea in society, and little Pella is no exception. It's just difficult. And I realized that THIS is what I am struggling with. Yes, Avery is extremely strong-willed and this not pottying thing is totally her thing, but I'm going to have to back off. I thought maybe I could just force it but it's not going to happen. I'd LOVE for her to be trained, but she wouldn't. So if she can't go to preschool in Sept, she'll owe me the non-refundable deposit back when she's older.