Monday, March 24, 2008

It figures

I just loaded up this whole thing to post an update, and guess who just woke up? Yep, tiny man. He's been sleeping through (like 9pm - 8am, woo hoo!!) so I am super happy. We're off to Wal-Mart after he eats. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The picture says it all

but if you know ME at all you'll know I have to add some. Here is Declan, taken a few weeks ago when I had the date stamp off because I was trying to get cute pics for his baptism (which was on Sunday and VERY awesome). So I don't know the exact date but DANGIT he is cute. This has to be my all-time favorite picture I have ever taken of one of my children.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Most of us are feeling better!

On Friday my temp rose to 101 and I felt just awful, terrible, no good, very bad. Just like Alexander, you know that book? It was that kind of day. I muddled through, all the while feeling TERRIBLY sorry for myself because it was my birthday and I hadn't even had a decent Mountain Dew. About 6:30pm, my fever broke. I started to feel better, and better, and BETTER until I honestly felt like nothing at all had been wrong. Woo hoo! Know what I had for my birthday dinner (yes, I am a birthday fanatic so this was seriously traumatic for me, you have NO idea)? I had oatmeal. But it stayed down and it tasted really good after a whole day of nothing.

I also got lots of birthday emails and ecards on Friday. I heard a rumor about someone who may or may not have sent an email out that piggybacked on mine. A-hem. Yes, I know 30 is not that old, but to ANNOUNCE it to everyone, now that's just slappable. Or huggable actually, it was VERY nice and it did lift my spirits.

Avery's back to herself though more whiney than is usual, even for her. Caden is fine. Declan seems to have skipped it it's just James who needs to get better. He's got the poops, there's no other way to say it, poor guy. I keep telling him he needs to get into the dr because it's been DAYS on end of this for him, but in typical man-fashion he is declining. We shall see.

Here's my random though of the day: this time change is really nice when you have a newborn because it APPEARS as though they slept an hour longer than they actually did! I'm still miffed at you Valerie. :)

Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee

I've got a stomach bug. Oh joy! Remember Caden had it Wednesday? Avery woke up with puke all over this morning. James has been feeling icky for days on end and even stayed home from work today to try to feel better. He was getting Avery bathed and cleaned up and I started feeling sick. An hour later I was throwing up. I don't think I will forget my 30th! Time to update the info over to the side...we are no longer in our twenties. James turned 30 on Feb. 23.

We had plans to go out tonight but we'll save that for when we're actually feeling better.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Poor Caden!

This poor baby cannot catch a break. He has missed school for the past 2 solid weeks due to illness, hospitalizations, etc. Monday school was delayed so he didn't have school. Yesterday he actually made it to school, although the buses now have a "hard surfaces only" policy when the gravel roads are bad so I had to bring him in and pick him up. So today James was going to bring him in but I went to wake him up and there was puke alllllll over his crib. Poor baby!!!! So think of him....and send him get well wishes! He's acting totally fine, but of course he's home from school.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Come take a peek...

at our little cutie pie. Here's Declan's 1 month pictures. The chunk is already 12 pounds and doing well. Enjoy!

password: declan