Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee

I've got a stomach bug. Oh joy! Remember Caden had it Wednesday? Avery woke up with puke all over this morning. James has been feeling icky for days on end and even stayed home from work today to try to feel better. He was getting Avery bathed and cleaned up and I started feeling sick. An hour later I was throwing up. I don't think I will forget my 30th! Time to update the info over to the side...we are no longer in our twenties. James turned 30 on Feb. 23.

We had plans to go out tonight but we'll save that for when we're actually feeling better.


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday, Tena. Sorry you're so sick! But it will be hard to "top" this birthday!

LeAun Shipley said...

I it is late mama but Happy Birthday and welcome to the group (I have a year and a half on ya though) :).

carrie said...

You ish older than me? *dies* I thought I was the older one...Happy really really late birthday ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tena...I enjoyed reading your blog!!!
I expect to see some pics of that finished house soon. lol