Saturday, November 17, 2012

If you're a mom, you're probably familiar with that time in a child's development where they don't TECHNICALLY need naps, but you do.  Ok, no, where they don't TECHNICALLY need naps but they are awful from about 4pm and thereafter.  It's trying when they go through this.  It's DOUBLY trying when it's twins going through it.

Tonight James ran to the store (it's super nice to live in town!) while I put the kids to bed.  All went well until Macey decided she wants "up".  Um, no, it's bedtime, it's not time to get up.  Guess what happened today as a precursor?  You're right, they had a nap.  They had a horrible afternoon with multiple meltdowns so James and I tag teamed and brought them to their beds.  They took a great nap, but here we are, paying dearly for it at bedtime.

Yes, she's still screaming. 

And honestly, it would have been ok except the stairs in this house creak when you ascend or descend.  I went down (sneaking through Caden's bedroom) and Macey knew it.  Hence the screaming. 

Note to self:  when building, do not allow stairs to creak.