Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today was a success!

I'm feeling so good about today and weight watchers. I met my points and I even had the same things at dinner that my family had - just 1/3c. mashed potatoes instead of my usual, oh, I dunno, 2 cups?? God bless a midwest girl, but those mashers are hard to pass up!

Right now I'm enjoying one of my favorite treats (thank you mama for showing me how to make them!) - vanilla iced coffee. I swapped out my usual full calorie creamer for a sugar free and added 0 calorie sweet n low sweetener - and I love it! I won't talk in all the "points" terms to you, as if you're not following the WW program it won't make sense, but it's low in points (a good thing) and still really tasty.

Oh speaking of the points thing, I felt like a total dumb-head this afternoon. Another family in Avery's preschool class picks her up from preschool and brings her home on Monday and Wednesday. They are so sweet and it's usually the dad who brings her home. Today I am so wrapped up in the counting points thing that I said something about, "It's like a heat wave today with 19 points!" He must have thought I was off my ever-lovin' rocker.


Manda said...

Go you for sticking with those points :) You'll lose the weight in NO time!!!!

Jen said...

Good for you. I ran a half mile today and then proceeded to go out with Kristen while our girls were at GEMS and ate curly fries with CHEESE! Nice.