Saturday, January 16, 2010

A big girl room...for three!

I had no idea today was going to be so productive! Heather knew. She's one of those amazing girls who gets an idea and then she doesn't just run with it, she sprints. She and her kids were over this morning while the guys were doing breakfast and guy stuff and, since we've talked about moving Avery into the upstairs bedroom for while now, she decided it was a good day. Before we knew it we had the guys stopping to pick up paint. Then Dan was slapping paint on the walls and in no time AT ALL the room was painted. Then the furniture went up there (it's not much) and oh my goodness, it's a room just for Avery Sue! We've had to play it up BIG to Avery - "you'll have your own bathroom, closet and bedroom! All for you!" - because this girl has some anxiety issues like you can't imagine. But honestly, she was excited about moving her stuff up there today. And tonight at bedtime she went right into her bed (she did change her mind and end up sleeping on the bottom bunk instead of the top), we all did Bible stories and bedtime prayers and she's tucked in. She even wanted the door "shut all the way". SNIFF!!! My big girl is such a big girl! She's not even on the same floor as us anymore. I think it's ME who wasn't ready for it!

So why the title, you ask? Why "for three"? Well, the goal is to move the twins out of our bedroom and into the room Avery occupied up until this afternoon. I can just picture two little cribs in there, two white rocking chairs, awwww! That isn't going to happen for a bit though, because Avery's previous room is part of the "old house" (it was our master bedroom, if you could call it that in the old house) and it needs some remodeling. First, the carpet is BEYOND nasty. Let me tell you a little story about it. One time when Montana (our nearly 10 year old black lab) was just a puppy we were at my parents' house and she got into the grease cup under their grill. She ate the whole thing...well not the cup because it was a tin can, but you get the gist. When we got home, she THREW UP all over the carpet in that bedroom and it was tarry black. UGH! I have NEVER been able to get it out of the carpet. We thought we found the magic solution this past fall when we mixed up some oxiclean and water in a spray bottle...but overnight that just bleached out parts of the stain to a clean color and left the rest disgusting. The carpet's gotta go.

Underneath the carpet is some nice hardwood flooring, but it'd take a heckuvalotta work to get it nice. So I think we're going to pull up the carpet and paint the floor with porch enamel and then use a couple of big shag rugs. But that's not all. We also need to widen the closet door to accommodate bifold closet doors (twins need double the cute Gymboree, you know), add a linen closet off that bedroom and change the doorway/opening into the hallway. Plus it has never had an actual DOOR so we'd like to add that as well. James is SO not looking forward to more projects, but Dan and Heather are all about it. I think James is just done with remodeling. Problem is, I am not. So remodeling, here we come again!


Jen said...

This post is worthless without PICTURES!!!

I'm getting ready to do Caroline's room in a Tiffany and Co theme. Can't wait!

Manda said...

that is SUPER exciting!!!! :) Can't wait to see pictures!!!!