Saturday, January 09, 2010

Caden is sick.

Here I was, getting all excited that Caden and Avery were going to be able to go to Children's Worship at church tomorrow, and as of this evening Caden has thrown up and is not acting himself at. all. We spent the evening at my mom's tonight, the guys tackling some household projects and the gals ordering and baking pizzas and Caden acted ok during that, though he didn't eat much. He actually threw up before we even left for mom's - it was funny and sad all at the same time...he had thrown up upstairs in his jumper/spinner and we were all downstairs. He was calling for us from time to time but nothing out of the ordinary. James finally went up to get him and said, "Ohhh, poor bub!!" Yep, apples got chucked. And tonight for bedtime Caden just went right into his crib (yes still at 7 years old - it works for me!) and laid down, ready to be covered up. Poor bub indeed!

In other Caden news, we finally FINALLY got his IQ evaluation back and I wish they would have just kept it. We need to know in order to keep him on the waiver program in Iowa, but sheesh, totally depressing. They labeled him as having "severe mental retardation" and mentioned several times that he scored "extremely low". Ok so maybe testing isn't his strong suit, but he's not what I would consider "severe". Maybe I'm just in denial. Maybe the test just sucks. Maybe both, but it wasn't fun to read that. I had to put it away so I can look at it later.

Yesterday I failed to mention that the twins turned 6 months! It's true. And they are looking more alike every day. I still believe they might be mirror image twins as Macey sucks her left 2 fingers and Madelyn her right 2 fingers, but I'm finding if that's the only proof I have then it might not really hold water. Time will tell I suppose. In terms of development they are right on with our other kids - totally gross motor delayed! Neither one has rolled over yet (though Macey is close) and they are nowhere near sitting up on their own. Declan first rolled over on June 27 (I remember this ONLY because it's our anniversary and my mom and dad had him overnight and he did it for them first, of course!) so he was just over 5 months and we thought he was the BIGGEST lazybones in the world. Apparently M&M want to prove us wrong!


MusicalMom said...

Mine aren't ready to sit up yet, either. I need to take the initiative to work with them, but with two of them it's so much harder!

Do your twins have cowlicks or anything? Maybe when their teeth come in they'll be on opposite sides. :)

Kelly said...

Sorry that Caden is sick...I hate having a sick child!

I am really sorry that the evaluation got you down. I hate looking at the numbers because our kids will surprise us in so many ways but tests never seem to see it. Just throw that paper in a drawer and look at who he is instead of who they think he is!!!

Kelly W.

megan vande voort said...

The teacher in me wants to remind you that the most important qualities/gifts can't be measured by a test. Caden's heart of gold is unmeasurable!!!! Also one test can't possibly measure a child's ability, I saw that all the time when I was teaching. Hang in there! Happy half birthday M&M!

Tarah said...

Having a child sick is the worst! I hope Caden is better by now.