Saturday, January 02, 2010

Couldn't blog last night...

way too tired. I went to bed before 8pm, got a phone call that lasted for a while from Chris, but then fell asleep pretty easily after that. James has been wonderful in taking care of the babies so that I can get some good sleep. They've been doing really well, too - most mornings they are making it until 7am, which is nearly 12 solid hours of sleep. We'll take it!

Yeah yesterday we went to Des Moines, went to IHOP and then to get the car from the airport. Mom and I took it to Target and had a little bit of fun shopping, but honestly she's really upset and it's hard for her to have much fun. Too bad, too, because the Christmas stuff was clearanced to 75% off and I want to spend!

Today I'm blogging from your house again. It's NEGATIVE 14 degrees here right now so we thought it best that the little ones stay home with James and get some normalcy, but I did bring Avery with me and we're going to tackle taking down the tree and that kind of stuff today. It's too difficult for Caden to be here - for him and for mom. He knows you went on an airplane and constantly says "papa, DOWN! papa, down!" and he's relentless when mom is on the telephone (which is forever, as you might assume) that he talk to you. He doesn't understand but can't quit asking for/about you. Terribly hard on mom's heart.

Chris and Cathy just arrived. Time to get some stuff done. Praying for you always dad.


Manda said...

I'm praying for your dad too!!! Hope all is well with your kiddos :) That's wonderful news about the girls sleeping until 7!!! :)

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