Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Biggest Loser?

So I watched that show for the first time ever last night. Very inspirational, and a whole lot more fun to watch than the Bachelor where you end up feeling fat, ugly and undesireable. Yeah, with Biggest Loser you realize you AREN'T the fattest person alive and that's a rather nice feeling!

Today I drank a whole liter of water. If you know me you know I dislike water GREATLY. (I won't use the word "hate" because my grandma Marie told me I could never use that word unless I was talking about the devil, point stuck great lady!) But I drank the whole thing and have been in the bathroom often. It wasn't terrible, either! I might learn to like it. And I can't even tell you the last time I had a regular Mt. Dew. It's been THAT long. YAY!

Ok but back to The Biggest Loser. I ordered Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD from amazon the other day. If you know about Biggest Loser you know that Jillian is the super tough personal trainer. She works people HARD. I heard good things about this DVD so I ordered it and for once I was unhappy with amazon's shipping. It came too dang fast. Tonight after a horrible day including yelling at all 3 of my older children, I succumbed to the pressure and had THREE scoops of chocolate ice cream...regular. Holy lord. (I blame a lot of it on James and the fact that he had to be at church, thus forcing me to do bedtime all alone. I blame a lot of stuff on other just feels better.) I refuse to count the points in that, but after calling a good friend whose name rhymes with feather I realized I need to pony up to the fact that I use food for EVERYTHING - company, stress relief, enjoyment, reward, you name it. She encouraged me to bust out that DVD and hit it. So I did.

Is it normal to feel as if you've lost all control of your limbs? I think I'm made entirely out of spaghetti. And to make matters worse, I wasn't even able to do a lot of it, I just stood there, huffing and puffing and watching Jillian and her chicks do it (they look GOOD, by the way). After I was done I took a shower but resolved that for 30 days (hence the name of the dvd) I was going to do my absolute best to do it every day. I'm not sure how I'll feel in the morning. I have a good feeling I'll be having dreams about Mack trucks driving straight into me, but for now I'm glad I did it and it just proves that you're never too out of shape or too big to start getting healthy. I truly feel like if I can do it, ANYONE can do it.

Another small tidbit of dad will be home tomorrow. Please pray for a welcoming community (church and otherwise) and for lots of healing for our family. God is good, all the time; all the time, God is good!


Manda said...

yes, God IS good all the time, and all the time God is good!!!! I definitely said a prayer that the community is welcoming to your dad! I hope he had a safe return flight!!!!!

Also, I believe that if you set your heart/Soul/Mind to losing the lbs you wanna lose YOU CAN DO IT! :)

Good luck! <3

Jen said...

Keep at it! Yesterday I cranked up the iTunes and ran up and down my stairs for 3 songs~well, walked, huffed, puffed and ran! lol Kicked my butt and took me all of 15 minutes. Give it a wing ding.

Another great tip I got from my WW leader was to identify what it was I loved about an unhealthy food~sweet, creamy, salty, ect. Then find a healthy one that has that same thing. Like I LOVE chips and dip. I went cold turkey to baked chips and salsa. Now I don't even like regular chips. They taste SO greasy. If you are an ice cream nut, get some of the skinny cows or WW ice cream treats. The biggest challenge will be limiting yourself to just one. :-)

Kristi said...

I love watching the biggest Loser. You are going to do it Tena. Don't give up. If you stick to it working out will probably become something you need. I know if I didn't work out I would go crazy. I'm glad your Dad is coming home. Hugs.

Alyssa Gaskill said...

you seriously make me laugh almost every day. I am so proud of you! keep up the good work! I wished I lived closer so I could come work out with you and the kids could play. =0) Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Tina!! I have this DVD.. don't worry I couldn't make it through the first second or third time either.. the next day my body was killing me.. But it is a good one DVD don't try the second workout til the first one is to easy its killer. I found out that after I while when you have it memorized stick headphones on and listen to some good music to motivate you! You can do it I know you can.. just know the spaghetti feeling is normal for everyone starting to workout again.. You might just inspire me to bust it out again!!!

Laurie said...

#1 I'm super proud of your weight loss - you go girl!

#2 God IS good --- so glad your dad is coming home.

#3 So fun to read about the twins milestones

Jana said...

Oh, the timing on this is just hilarious. I'm reading blogs to put off doing the 30-day shred video myself! I guess you've motivated me to do it...

Kandy Seaton Smith said...

I bought this DVD back in November and have yet to break the seal on it lol. I always have an excuse...I've been sick...I've been depressed...I've been down in my back...yada yada yada. I'm feeling better today...I think I need to seriously get it out and work on it. You've inspired me :) Now I just have to find it...hmmmm

Praying that everything went well with your dad hon *hugs*