Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy $*&%!

That's what's in our basement. Only it ain't holy. It's backed up from the septic tank. And it's all over our basement. And there's a blizzard going on today. And James was home sick from work...only to work on the basement all afternoon. Annnnnd, it's still not fixed.

That's right. We have a sewer back up. No idea when it happened but James went downstairs (we NEVER go down there) to get a joystick thingy to play a computer game (he NEVER plays computer games) and came back up with bad news. So I started hauling stuff out and piling things in dry corners, which aren't many. Our basement has been a catch-all for junk over the years. It used to be our only storage before the addition, but since we've added on we've just kinda left the basement to rot. It ain't pretty down there, and now it's swimming with.....yeah.

Wondering what James is home sick with? So are we. He has a cough so bad that last night he actually fell over when he tried to stand up. He doesn't remember it. He blacked out because he can't breathe when he coughs. It's been going on for 3 weeks now and when he fell over I freaked out. I called our (awesome) family dr this morning at home and he said to have James come in in the morning to run further tests. I'm somewhat concerned about it, but we'll see.

We'll see, too, if he can even make it out our gravel road to get there at 8am. A blizzard hit this morning, taking everyone by surprise. School was delayed 2 hours, then started, only to let out an hour early. I had to take Ave to preschool and it.was.not.pretty. There was little to no visibility on our gravel road and I was scared at times! Made it home, only to deal with yucky basement.

So there you have it. We finally have power back which I am utterly thankful for. It's just one more thing I guess. And now...Madelyn is crying and it's 10pm. So rare. On we go!


Kristi said...

Hope everything is ok.. Yuck blizzard doesn't sound fun at all.

lisa said...

We had this same things last year late April - NOT FUN!!!! =(