Friday, January 08, 2010

More snow days - 5 now.

I think we'll be seeing school well into June. I guess I don't really mind if I'm being perfectly honest, because during the summer I have 5 kids here with me! I will be recruiting our sweet neighbor girl K to help out I think. She is SO good with my kids and a big help to me as well! Yesterday she took Caden and Avery to her house and they played for hours. It was so nice to just let Declan and the twins nap quietly - not to mention I just lazed around and did nothing! She called again to ask to come and get them at 1pm for the afternoon since there's no school. Um, let me think about that...sure!!!! She's a great kid with a true heart for other kids.

Nothing much planned for the weekend that I can think of. What are you doing? Anything exciting? I think Dan and Heather will be out here for sure as we've had some withdrawal from them. Other than that we'll be sure mom can spend some time with her grandkiddies. Children's Worship starts back up at church on Sunday so maybe we can actually go and ENJOY the service!


Anonymous said...

Karianne and I are so excited to get to be with Caden and Avery. I get to teach Children's Worship for the next 4 weeks. Caden and Avery are so good and we have missed them. Guess it's a win-win situation for the both of us!! Been praying for your family. Have a good weekend and say hi to Heather for me...I really like that girl!!

God Bless,
Kim Bolt

Kristi said...

Hi Tena,
Just catching up on your blog. Hope you are doing well.. Good luck on the diet... Hugs....