Friday, January 15, 2010

Offie!! Offie!!

This is Declan's shout out for everything that mommy drinks. Can you tell she likes coffee?? Well, she used to drink a lot of "coffee", but the problem with mommy's coffee was that it had tons of french vanilla creamer in it. That's no longer so weight watcher friendly, so I don't have much of it anymore. But I do drink a lot of pop (diet), and Declan still calls it "offie". Oh, and he adds a whiiiine and he hopes that he can run off with it. Nice try, buster.

I can't believe it but he is going to be two this Sunday. Where has the time gone? Add to that the fact that the twins are already 6 months old and I think we're officially crazy here.

We fed the twins cereal last night. Macey went first and she no likey. Not at all. She didn't even try, just made horrid faces. Madelyn went next and she was good with it, even trying to "chew" a couple of times! We did get some video and pictures. (I bet you're sick of me saying that when I never actually post any pictures. I wish I could be better about that but mostly I blog from the laptop downstairs and all the pictures have to be uploaded upstairs....aaaaaaaaaand I'm lazy, so you just don't get to see pictures. If there were an easier way around that (like does anyone know - can I just hook up a cord from my camera to the laptop and haul them onto here from there??) I would post pictures more. )And in case you're wondering, the only reason we fed them cereal was that they are waking up in the middle of the night again and we just switched to 8oz. bottles, so we figured they were hungry. Last night they were still up in the middle of the night, but the amount of cereal they actually got in was little (Madelyn) to none (Macey). Otherwise, no way would I have started them on cereal yet. It goes back to that lazy thing. Plus once you start, you can't really quit. Which again, goes back to that lazy thing.

But before I force you to believe that I am THAT lazy, I did do the 30 Day Shred again last night! Heather came over and we did it! I think we both nearly planned each others' funerals but we worked it out! Avery exercised with us, too, and she quit more often than me. Hey, I have more endurance than a 5 year old!!! Wait. Should I be proud of that??


Manda said...

I thought you were "allowed" to start feeding infants cereal when they were around 6 months? Go Madelyn!!

Go you for keeping with the 30ds!!!! :)

Teri said...

Do you have wireless internet? If you do, you can access the drive where your photos are with the laptop. It might be slower but it's still possible. My other suggestion is to get an external hard drive and put the photos there. It's a pain but you can use it on either computer. We need more pics :)

Congrats on the 30 day shred! I bought it and have it set up on the computer. I just need to feel better to start. No sense when I've got a cold. Blah!

Myssie said...

When Caroline started waking up in the middle of the night at 6 months, I put the cereal in her last bottle of the evening and she drank it. Worked well. Good job doing the 30 Day DVD!!

Sawyer said...

Keep up the good work with your 30 day shred!