Friday, May 02, 2008

Has it really been one month since I updated?

James and I went to Des Moines on Tuesday with Declan for a couple of appointments and then to do some shopping. We ran into a friend from high school and her husband and their PRECIOUS new baby boy (holy smack is he cute) and she teased me about nothing new on the blog. She was SO right. So, this is for you Alyssa - I promised!!!

It's Tulip Time in Pella right now. Yesterday was actually really nice, so we went up to the afternoon parade. Caden had to ride a float with his ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) class which was just adorable. Lots of our neices and nephews were also in the parade so that was fun. Declan slept pretty much all the way through the parade, police car sirens and all (they "open" the parade but he was zonked). Avery loved the "marching bands" but kept her ears covered pretty much 100% of the time. She cracks me up.

On Fridays I watch my neice E and nephew D who are 5 and 2. I will also watch their older brother N during the summer - he's 8. It's really fun for me. They are super good and they keep my kids entertained! It's like E is babysitting for Avery....they play dolls all day and just generally love each other! The first Friday they were here was rough, but Avery has gotten over her naughties and now we all have fun!

Yeah, Tulip Time - I don't think we're going to do anything else because the weather is cruddy (rain, rain, rain) but we got to see the parade yesterday and ate some great food as well. So now we can just take it easy.

In other news, our tax stimulus check came into our account this morning. Wahooey!!!!! Front porch, here we COME!!!!


Myssie said...

Tulips?? Is it like Holland in Pella?? LOL! I may need to move to Pella in order to get used to this whole "Holland" thing!

Jana said...

Um, you forgot to mention you saw ME marching in the baby parade! Obviously the most significant Tulip Time event.

I Drew is too cute. I also got to meet him. Thumbs up, Alyssa!

Tena said...

Pella is like a tiny Holland. It's really quite absurd, but since we live here we shouldn't make fun of it TOO much. It was AWESOME to see you Jana, even if just in passing!!