Monday, May 05, 2008

My Space

I consider myself pretty computer savvy. James would tell you I spend nearly every waking hour online. Pretty much true, save for all the HOUSEWORK and CHILDCARE. *ahem*

A true friend is on My Space and has been bugging me to sign up. So I finally did, and I don't get it AT ALL. What on EARTH do you spend your time there doing??? I suppose that's the same question you could ask me of my Gymboree clothing message boards, but I actually have an answer to that - buying and selling clothes!

So Valerie, I love you, but you must help me make My Space into MY SPACE!!!!


Michelle said...

I'm totally with you Tena. I'm a computer nut. My dad is too so I've had one in my hands since I was 6! I LOVE doing stuff on the computer. I'll have to look you up on MySpace LOL.

Tena said...

Do you understand MySpace???? I am still lost.