Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 7 - no accidents, pee-wise

So these updates are getting shorter. And you may be tempted to be upset about that. But remember one thing - I am not getting paid for your entertainment so unless you are prepared to send me cash to blog more, then you're SOL. Whew, that felt good.

And you know I was joking, right? Cuz next I am going to have SOMEONE email me and say, "Was someone truly upset at you? Are you mad or something?" No, I was joking. A funny. A ha-ha. That sorta thing.

Ok folks, day 7 and no pee accidents once again. Avery had the pleasure of going to Aunt C's house today and while she didn't pee there she DID try which was very big of her. And then she was with her adopted grandma all afternoon and peed TWICE for her!!! So far, that's the only other person she has gone potty for besides mommy. I'm so proud!!!!

Tonight she had a poop accident tho. I think she tried to take it out of her panties and put it into her potty to show me she had succeeded (she's been promised another family trip to the park if she poops on the potty, which she is vehemently opposed to) but that God, with me again as usual. It fell on the floor and she didn't want to touch it, so she had to confess. HA HA!!!! But still, no pee accidents 2 days in a row folks! Send this girl some cash (but address it to me, she'll never know).

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