Thursday, May 08, 2008

Day 2 - success and then not so much

I'm just going to give a brief synopsis, mostly for Avery's benefit later on when I show her how headstrong she really is.

7:15am - wake up, diaper is wet (but not poopy, I was WRONG), panties go on. Some resistance but mommy's not taking no for an answer.

10am - dancing and holding herself has begun. Refusal to sit on potty.

10:45am - mommy enforces a "you will sit on that potty until you are DONE" rule and Avery is sobbing, but sitting. Mommy is sitting next to her in the chair (we are in the downstairs living room) and periodically getting up to attend to Declan and other things.....

11:15 - still sitting, still sobbing. Mommy walks back into the room to HEAR the pee hitting the toilet. Taking her cues from Avery, who is still crying, mommy does not pretend she hears it and quietly sits down again. Lots of pee happening. Mommy still pretends she doesn't hear it and Avery asks for more books to be read to her (she's done peeing now, but still acting like she hasn't done it). 2 books are read and Mommy asks if Avery is done - she says yes and we have a quiet celebration. Avery doesn't like it when you get allllllllllllllllll hooped up and excited, so we get a sticker and get ready to go to McDonald's for a promised lunch!!!

12:30 - lunch is finished and Avery pees all over the kitchen floor. Thank goodness we have a concrete kitchen floor. Guess she wasn't totally done....

2:00 - potty dance again. After numerous attempts and lots of playing in the bathroom, mommy again instills the "no getting up until you're done" rule and she has gone again. Again, not very much but we still get a sticker!

3:20 - dancing again. I know there's more to come. Doesn't want to sit. "Caden and mommy are going to swing outside. If you want to come you'll have to put your pee in the potty first." Guess who just peed?

More later.........

UPDATE: We played outside for a while and came in to start supper.

5:20 - potty dance! She agrees to sit in the kitchen (James, Caden and myself are sitting at the table already eating) but the child WILL NOT SHUT UP while sitting there - no comments about where she gets the mouth from. Mommy enforces NEW rule - "no talking until you put your pee in the potty." It's a good thing she's a good listener. She pees, and joins us for supper.

Then daddy takes over for the night as I have to go to Vacation Bible School Registration Carnival for church. Avery gets a bath and ready for bed, which means naked and then diaper - THANKS daddy, for all the help with potty training. I bet she peed in her own bathwater. *snort*

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Michelle said...

you're on your way Avery! You must be so proud and yet so exhausted at the same time! LOL