Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Holiday!

That's just plain fun to say in mid-May. I may I add that it's unreal it's mid-May (actually late May) already? Wow.

Avery. Potty training successful as far as pee is concerned. I shared that on Saturday she pooped in the motor home (sorry Grandpa, but we were thrilled). On Tuesday she had a poop accident, and with it came a pee accident - the first in a LONG time. I think that was due to pushing with the poop and all, who knows. Anyway, I made her clean herself up after the poopy accident which she thought was fun. Sigh. I also told her that we are DONE pooping in our panties. No more. Poop is for the potty and that's where it will go. She agreed, and on Wednesday she pooped in the potty, unprompted. Exciting $hit, I tell you!!! And today she has thrown up her entire lunch of mac and cheese. That was pleasant. She's not feeling well, bad cough, etc.

Speaking of not feeling well, Declan. Little bugger has his first ear infection. He's been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old and the past 1.5 weeks he's been up by 5am or so, creeping closer to 4am some mornings. No fun when we've been so spoiled. He had his 4 month check up yesterday and I mentioned he wasn't feeling well, and he had a temp of 100.0 and the red eardrum. So he's on his first round of antibiotics. The appt went well though overall. He's 16lbs 9oz and 25.5 inches long. No problems growing. :)

Caden. Big boy is winding down his final year of ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education). He will be a Kindergartener in just a few months! On Wednesday we had his transitional IEP meeting - he's moving out of the early childhood services/therapists and moving on to the school-aged folks. It's bittersweet. Some of these people have been coming to our home and have known us since Caden was 6 weeks old! But it was a great meeting. We found out who his K teacher will be (2 huge thumbs up) and his special education teacher will be (another round of thumbs up). Everyone was excited to have Caden and to share in the planning for his transition to K. We are excited for him, and I know he'll have a wonderful year!

We're camping this weekend. No way, no tents. We're using Grandpa and Grandma Barbie's motor home. We'll be camping with my parents and brother, and my other brother and SIL and all the nieces and nephews. It's always fun, and we're going to make the best of it, even with the rainy skies and frigid temps. Kids never seem to care, right? We're really looking forward to camping this year because both Caden and Avery now know how to ride tricycles!!! A whole new world has opened up to them now, and it's very exciting.

Have a blessed and fun holiday weekend!

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Note to self: don't read Tena's blogs while you're eating! LOL