Friday, June 06, 2008

Problems posting...

Ok, does anyone else have issues with the text box in Blogger? It's like it's double-thick lined around the outside of the box and when it does that it will NOT let me enter text in the text box. I can do it in the Title box, but not the text box. It's frustrating! I just spent the better part of 10 minutes being able to post this!!!!

On the whole, things are going well. Avery has had a couple of accidents but overall she's doing great. In the past couple of days she wants to give me attitude about going potty, but there's been attitude coming about everything so I shouldn't be shocked. I'd like to call her a "snot" and send her packing, but I am going to have faith that when she hits 1st grade some other little snot will do that for me. I think we're pretty much officially potty trained for day time. Not bad considering day 1 was May 7. Proud of us!!

Caden is a Kindergartner!!!!!! His last day of school was yesterday. I choked back tears but was fine overall. I can't believe he'll be going all day, every day next year! But I have to be with him all summer, sigh. LOL, kidding *mostly*.

Declan is now on his THIRD antibiotic. Same ear, same infection. He just can't get over it. I feel awful for him. Let's hope this new one knocks it out of him.

It's hot here. And we don't have central air (yet) because we prioritized a front porch over central air. Before you say we're stupid, consider that we have to have this house appraised asap and the looks of a front porch will matter much more than air conditioning. At least that's what we assumed. Watch, we'll be totally wrong and kicking ourselves.

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