Friday, May 09, 2008

Day 3 - poor Caden!

Now you might be tempted to think that Avery has somehow turned potty training into a war against Caden, or somehow peed on Caden, or something like that. But you would be wrong. Let's talk about our sweet firstborn for just a sec before we move on to miss thang. Caden fell at school this morning and crashed foreheadfirst into the cubbies/lockers - and is now the proud owner of stitches. Leave it to Caden to get the first stitches in this family. (We won't talk about how many stitches James has had in his life, but Caden's the first in our little family.) He is SUCH a trooper too. I wasn't able to go to the ER with Caden and James (remember, I watch my neice a nephew and there was no more room in our little car, an no carseats....this HAD to happen on a Friday) but James said he was such a good boy. Certainly didn't LIKE it, but was good. He has to have them removed in 4-5 days so I'm sure that'll be a trip. His teachers felt so bad, bless them. He doesn't have the best balance and they had just come inside from the playground. It had been raining and his shoes were wet and there's tile in front of the cubbies...and the rest is history. I have taken a pic and will edit to get that up in a bit. He's now home with us of course which makes the craziness here all that much more crazy. So what do I do? I blog. Giving my COMPLETE attention to the children. Hey, in my defense, the 2 year old and 3.5 month old are sleeping.

Speaking of editing, I edited yesterday's post to update how the evening went for Avery.

And we come to today. Day 3. Avery wakes up with her eyes GLUED SHUT from matter. She's got allergies kicking her heiney. So I think, "great, she's going to be in NO mood" but I pressed the issue anyway. Her diaper was wet but I told her it was time for panties, and that we were going to go bye-bye to a few garage sales so she needed to put her pee in the potty before we went. That child sat on the pot for 30 minutes before finally going. What gives? I mean, sometimes I can barely make in into the water my pee rushes out so fast. It's like my urethra (sp? who knows?) sees the toilet and just let's 'er fly. Not Avery. Good grief. Oh wait. She also hasn't given BIRTH 3 times. I forgot about that.

It's no wonder the kid talks all the time. Back to the point Tena.

Ok so she peed and we left. During our outing the fiasco with Caden ensued and the garage sales were a TOTAL waste of time, but it was good practice for Avery to stay dry. And she did. And she STILL hasn't peed and it's 1:30. I cannot BELIEVE how long she can hold it. Do I worry about that? And no poop yet either. She's an every day girl and she hasn't gone since Tuesday. Sorry Avery sweetie, but yes, I am posting this for all the world to see. You don't care right will care in a few years but by then I will have stopped sharing your potty experiences, and if I haven't then the rest of you will have to hold me to keeping quiet. Speaking of keeping quiet, good heavens, I've run off at the mouth/fingers again.

So yeah. It's 1:30 and although she tried for 30 minutes while I was preparing lunch we still don't have pee. Hopefully soon! This morning at 11:15 she said this: "Mommy, I have to pee." And she walked herself to the bathroom. But she wanted the toilet in the kitchen because she wanted to assault me with her barrage of words for the next 30 minutes.

And now she's "washing" her cousin's hair. I gotta go.

UPDAAAAAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2:20. I hear the toilet flush and Avery is cheering for her cousin (too hilarious because E is like - what's the big deal? I've been peeing on the potty for a year now, sheesh). Not 5 minutes later I hear the toilet flush again. And Avery comes BUSTING out of the bathroom - "I did it mommy! I did it, and put it in the big toilet, and it's going bye bye, wanna seeeeeeeee??" and sure enough, the little potty was wet!! She DID it, completely on her own, without telling me or me prompting her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE again - she went once more before bed! Today was 100% successful!!!

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Michelle said...

Wow Tena! What an accomplishment! I'm impressed!