Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two days until school starts!

I know. You're tempted to think I must be a horrible mother if I am THIS excited about school starting. You're WAY wanting to laugh if you remember me saying I wanted to homeschool my brood. But the fact is Caden is bored. And I am bored of trying to come up with new, exciting voices for "Caden, go to time out!" It is such a good thing I take good meds. Serious.

Not much new to report. Sleep is going the same - 10pm-4am typically, then bottles for each and back to sleep until around 8. When school begins on Thursday I'm actually going to have to step it up and get out of bed before that 8am time. Not so much looking forward to that (if you know me at all you know I dislike mornings...greatly) but the routine of it all will be refreshing. It's funny - both of our older two kids are doing exactly what they did (school-wise) last year. It's like we're stuck, but yet they have grown so much. Avery (will be 5 on Sunday!!) will be doing preschool again in the regular program (there's also a step up program for older kids but her birthday is late enough that we chose the regular program once again) and Caden is repeating Kindergarten with a new teacher. I think we are going to see very different kids at the end of this school year, kids ready for Kindergarten and 1st grade!

Now I'm sad. Why do I always jump ahead of myself like that???


Kristi said...

The twins sleep schedule is identical to Nick's right now. Bottle at 10 up at 4 back to bed till 8. Weird. Anyway good luck with the back to school thing and wish me and Noah luck for his school too. hugs.

Michelle said...

Oh do I understand your pain LOL Austin is SOOO ready to go back to school. He's very bored so he's taken interest in flushing our toilets repeatedly and turning on our DVD player and playing with it over and over and over. Yes, he's constantly in trouble. I try to sit and do school stuff with him but he hates it when I try to teach him. Lost cause!

Dervla said...

Danielle is also going crazy with boredom. Trying to work from home with her is harder this summer since she is older and more able than last year (not that I'm complaining!!). She would definitely prefer her teachers NOT to take an eight-week break, so I have no guilt in longing for it to kick in again. I will be sad when the sun goes away though :(