Monday, August 17, 2009

Having twins means you can't get anything done.

I just said that to James, though it's not entirely true. I was trying to tackle some laundry and Macey just wouldn't be persuaded to be quiet and calm! Madelyn is sleeping soundly but Macey is fussy. James came home early (we have dental appointments for Caden and Avery in Des Moines this afternoon) and I was telling him that it's just so hard to get things done! Now that he's home I am able to blog and the laundry is still sitting there. Ha!

I have found that these girls do not sleep well unless they are swaddled. I think I am going to start swaddling them for naps in the morning and afternoon instead of just at night, otherwise I can't get much accomplished. Speaking of at night, last night was horrid. I thought I would try to swaddle them but put them down in the crib. Apparently they like sleeping in their car seats better, holy poo! I was up and down for most of the night. Even after putting them into their car seats in the middle of the night they didn't settle into a good sleep. I put some miles on my legs during the night, and they sleep in the same room with us. It was a jack-in-the-box kinda night for me.

So let's see. The Open House was great, it was wonderful to see so many people we haven't seen in a while and to share conversation and food with them! We also made it to church and saw people there on Sunday morning, but if it weren't for a family member's baptism that morning we wouldn't have gone - things went haywire as we were trying to get ready! (No, not the twins' baptism yet, that's coming soon.)

My rash has spread to my arms mostly but is starting also on my back and tummy. It's mostly gone from my face but has left my face horribly dry and itchy. Oh the joys never end!

Forgot to add - Happy 19months today Declan! May your walking come SOON!!!


Christine said...

Tena- you are my hero! I just don't know how you do it! I'm insoired everytime I read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any fears that one or both of your twins may be affected by RTS?

Tena said...

Christine, you are too kind! I am only doing it with God's help, only He knows what I can truly handle, lol!

About RTS - no, I don't think either of the twins has RTS. I know enough about RTS to know at a glance that they do not. I will admit that it did cross my mind while pregnant with them, but I also knew how slim the chances were. It's VERY common to worry about RTS and other syndromes when pregnant, especially when it's already happened to you. Feel free to email if you have further questions or worries - I hope I can help!

Kristi said...

You are my hero too. It sounds like you are super mom... ha ha.. may you get some rest tonight.

Jana said...

We still swaddle Sam for all sleeps, naptime or bedtime, and he's almost eight months old. He wiggles out of the blanket while he sleeps but being swaddled to fall asleep is a must for him.