Thursday, August 27, 2009

School went well I hear!

The note that came home with Caden said he was happy and had a good day. He also peed through his shorts - cute little plaid orange, white and brown shorts. Like a space cadet I decided I didn't need to send extra clothes already on the very first day, so of course he had to wear something from the office. I guess the best they could find was a pair of red shorts, which looked smashing with his orange polo shirt. Woo hoo! Leave it to me to give a crap, Gymbo fanatic that I am.

So yeah, it went well. I'm somewhat apathetic about the entire thing, but when your child is doing Kindergarten for the 2nd time you sort of feel like you're entitled to be snobbish. Or maybe that just comes naturally and I'm just now admitting it. HA!

I am sitting here on the bed willing Macey and Madelyn to go to sleep and stop the paci spitting out tricks. I hear one of them starting up again. James is apparently very tired (what's new?) and just rather grumpily tossed his head down on the mattress and his pillow over his head. Babies too noisy much? It was much more fun making these babies than getting woken up by them, that much we agree upon.

It was Macey bellering again. I think that's because she was James' baby tonight. We have this bizarre thing...maybe it's common for twin parents? Which ever baby each one of us has becomes "our baby" for the night. Like tonight at bedtime (I had them for most of the night after the other kids' bedtime because James ran out on a formula run) James swaddled Macey and got her snuggled into her carseat and I swaddled Madelyn and got her into her carseat. So therefore when one starts crying we'll ask "which one?" and the person who can see the babies will say "yours" or "mine". Apparently that is easier than saying their names?? I'm not sure why we started that. Probably to harrass the other person about their obvious lack of baby skills. Such as James' swaddling job tonight. She's crying again, and she isn't swaddled worth a toot. James' baby. 'Nuff said.

Alright, so I just stuck what was left of her bottle back in her mouth and she is taking that. Hopefully she'll be off to dreamland in a matter of minutes like her little sister Madelyn is already.

We could use a few prayers if I'm to be perfectly honest and I always think that is the best policy. James has been a little slower at work (economy, we think, but it's hard to tell for sure) and things are pretty tight for us. We aren't scared and we aren't hungry, but things are tighter than they've ever been for us and it's somewhat unsettling. We feel like it's a good lesson for tightening things up and perhaps forcing us to believe that we are finally done having kids (hahahahaha) but prayers for peace are always welcome.

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Kristi said...

You cracked me up tonight Tena. I always get on my husband about his swaddling technique .. ha ha. But seriously I will say a prayer for you also. Thank you for your prayer earlier. Everything went ok at the evaluations I guess...