Monday, August 24, 2009

Declan took 3 steps!

I don't think he realized what he was doing and after the steps were done he was NOT interested in trying any more, but yesterday at the campground he took 3 steps while holding on to a book and trying to get to the walker/toy! I was so excited. We think that he is so close, he just lacks confidence. He went all over with his walker while camping, walking very long distances, so the stamina is there.

We really had a great time camping. It was fun to catch up with cousins and family. Even though we live close we never seem to take (or make, perhaps) time to really connect and talk so it was great to spend some time with everyone. The cousins had a really fun time playing together as well which was fun to see.

School starts on Thursday for Caden! Bring it on!!!

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Kristi said...

That's great Declan. Noah took a few steps last week trying to get to the elevator. He loves elevators. Once he realized what he had done he threw his hands up in the air in a panic.