Thursday, August 20, 2009

Six weeks old and how they've grown!

I took the girls today for weight checks as yesterday marked their 6 week birthday. Macey is now 7lbs 12oz and Madelyn is 7lbs 15oz! More than 2 pounds each of growth since birth. It's hard to believe. They are still fitting nicely into preemie clothing so I didn't figure they would be so close to 8lbs but they certainly are. I guess Similac agrees with them. :)

No smiles from the twins yet, but they seem so close. I said that last week, didn't I? Tonight James was holding Madelyn and I got into her line of sight. She locked eyes with mine and reacted so obviously and so strongly with pleasure, it was so precious and so good for my heart! Their sleeping is still about the same, though last night they went from 10pm - 4:30am and that was a very long stretch for them. Typically they wake between 2am - 4am for their feeding, but just once a night at 6 weeks old is better than I ever imagined for twins. Daytime is still pretty rough, admittedly. They don't seem to settle unless they are being held. It's honestly like a light switch - pick them up and they are quiet. Do you think they are playing us? I remember Declan at this age and he would be content to sit in his swing for hours. NOT M&M. They like to be held and that is that.

We're headed out camping again this weekend. We'll be going with James' folks and his sister and family. It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend, complete with overnight weather well-suited to campfires. Looking forward to it! I'm already more comfortable with everything this time around than I was camping just 3 weekends ago. Things are settling in.


Brouwer Family said...


You rock!

Kelly said...

Six weeks already! You are an awesome mom!! Kelly F