Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My life is not my own.

This is not a new realization to me, especially as a Christian (and what a comfort it is as a Christian to know I am not in this life alone!) but it is somewhat of a stark realization when you have twins. I feel very much like I have no time to myself for much of anything. Even in the quiet moments, I'm always waiting for one to start crying. When do they self-entertain, even for just a little bit?? When do they let you eat a meal without hollering to be held? When do they...wait, I realize I am asking for them to grow up and that's truly not what I want, but I would like a little bit of a life back.

Quickly, because one is crying again...Caden went to meet his teacher today and what a sweetheart she seems to be! I think it's going to go well for him. He was thrilled to see so many familiar faces and he got lots of "Hi Caden!"'s in the hallways.

And now they are both crying. Bye!


Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Know that I pray for you. When people say things like "Be glad it isn't twins" (which, by the way, what is that supposed to mean, if it were I should be mad?!?!), or "Could you imagine having TWO at the same age" I say prayers for you. And, for some reason, people have been saying that a lot so you have been prayed for a lot. I have no idea what two infants is like, but I know that parenting is a struggle at times. Call me, we can run over and hang out for awhile in the AM's just so you feel "normal" will come. Normalacy is just a relative term anyway. Nothing is ever "normal" once you have kids!

Kristi said...

I kind of feel like my life is not my own right now either. Having Noah and Nick is like having two babies at the same time but not quite the same as you.. I don't know how you do it. Try to make time for yourself. When my husband comes home I run out the door and go to the gym for a hour or so. I will pray for you too. love Kristi