Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The silence is deafening.

I'm sitting here sipping my Mt. Dew and eating a Hershey's bar dipped in peanut butter (shut up, you know you want to), and it's completely quiet (save for the rattle-trap refrigerator, on its last leg). That is nearly unheard of around here, especially at 1:30 in the afternoon. Caden is off to Kindergarten of course, same as every day. Declan and the twins are down for nap and sleeping. And miss Avery is off to preschool! Normally she would be sitting here, hounding me for something to dooooooooooooo as she dislikes tv/movies and can't entertain herself worth a toot. Which is precisely why I chose afternoon preschool MWF so she'll be outta here during naptime and I can do whatever I want (provided everyone else naps, of course). Yahooooey! She's at the same Christian preschool she attended last year. She'll go this year and be all ready for Kindergarten next fall. I can hardly believe it! Avery also started dance class last night and will go every Tuesday. It was so stinkin' cute I could hardly stand myself. Cuteness overload...a bunch of 3-5 year olds in pink tights, shoes and leotards with their little hands over their heads and all of it. She LOVED it, said her favorite part was "being a butterfly!!"

Happy 2 month birthday yesterday to the twins, can't believe that either!

In other news, I now feel like a total donkey for asking for money in a previous post because a) no one has sent anything and b) we now need at least 2 new tires on our van and probably a good deal of front end work to correct the problem that's making our tires go bad and giving the steering wheel a good shudder. AND we need new carseats for the kids so that we can fit 3 kids across the back of the van - it's not currently working well, but we can't drive the van all the way to Des Moines with the tires as bad as they are in order to test what carseats will work back there. Yes I know, whineeeeee but I must be honest. So it's priorities, people, and the DNA testing will have to wait. Heather says they're identical. I say they look like little old men. One of us is right. Maybe both of us.

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Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

I thought in the ultrasound they told you that there was one sac, meaning one egg, split in two, that makes them identical...go with that. And, when they look different someday, blame God.

Just kidding, don't blame God. That was just a joke people.