Friday, September 18, 2009

Another twin mommy needs your prayers.

I met this mommy when I was pregnant with Macey and Madelyn. We met via the blogging world because we were both pregnant with twins and one of our twins each had a 2 vessel cord versus a typical 3 vessel cord. And THEN our twins were born exactly a week apart - my 2 girls on July 8 and her two boys on July 15 (a match made in Heaven perhaps? lol)! Boden and Potter are doing well, as are Macey and Madelyn. It's their momma who needs your prayers right now.

Kristen was having pains in her upper back and went to have a CT scan to rule out blood clots. It showed no blood clots but did show a 3 cm mass in her chest below her bronchial tubes which is in a suspect location for lung cancer. On Sept. 1 she had a test and the dr was "very concerned" as the mass is sizeable - it's either lung cancer or a fungus, and signs are pointing away from the fungus possibility. Basically, she's already had a lot of tests but she is STILL waiting to hear results. Her next test is scheduled for the 23rd when they will get a tissue sample that they are confident with give them a diagnosis.

Kristen is scared and she is a brand new mommy to 2 beautiful boys. She has a strong faith in God but we all know that doesn't make things perfect and easy. PLEASE pray for Kristen, her husband and her baby boys. Please pray that this is not cancer. Pray for her peace as she has two newborns and is already stressed and sleep-deprived, and now dealing with this on top of it all. Pray for a miracle - that God would remove the mass completely when she goes for her next appointment. Just pray, knowing that God is in control and that He is with her all the time. He is mighty to save.


Manda said...

I just sent up a prayer. I hope that the mass will be gone or smaller next time she goes in. :) and that it's not cancer!!!

Kristi said...

of course. I felt so bad as I read that post. How horrible to have to go through something like that. Praying for her.