Thursday, September 03, 2009

Avery's test went super!

Have I mentioned before that she was a super star? She was a super star again. FLOORED me. She didn't even blink when the catheter went in and wasn't in the least freaked about it either. We had talked a lot about it and I had explained very completely what all would happen so there would be no surprises. She did whimper a little when she had to move with the catheter inserted, said it hurt. And she said that it did hurt when it was removed. But no tears!! The last part of the test requires the patient to pee all over the xray table and she tried but she just couldn't. I think we tried for 30-45 minutes and nothing. So they let her go on the potty and then jump back on the table for a few more xrays. They told us that the age range of 4-7 often has a hard time letting go of their bladder like that on a table when they have been so trained to go on the potty. (I had asked Avery to practice the other day on a towel and while she thought it was immensely hilarious, she didn't have success then, either.) Results came back - normal! So now we just try to do a better job of wiping, hand washing, etc. I admit, it's easy to be lax about that when I am feeding a baby and don't have the time to run in there and make sure she wiped correctly and washed well, kwim? So we'll try to do better and hope that she has no more UTIs. She hasn't complained today about anything hurting and she hasn't gone as often as the other day either. I think maybe it was nerves...

Still on the Avery topic, she basically went from the VCUG test over to the clinic for her 5 year well-child check. Since I had promised her no more ouchies for the day we waited on the shots until she starts Kindergarten next fall. She is 40 inches tall (16th %) and 36lbs (24th %) - she's a peanut! She wears 3/3T clothing still, with some generous 2T that still works fine. She passed with flying colors. We did talk some about her propensity to complain about her tummy hurting. After a complete physical and also xrays of her mid-section during the VCUG, our dr is pretty convinced it's an anxiety thing. I would concur.

Some milestones: Declan stood today completely by himself in the middle of the floor without anything helping him to his feet! He's been standing, letting go of stuff, etc, but never up from the floor completely on his own. He also took about 6-7 shuffle steps tonight to get to the Cozy Coupe car outside (mommy's garage sale find last Friday, woot!). I think September is going to be his month.

Macey smiled now as well. Heather was the first to have seen it while she had the twins and Declan during all of Avery's ordeals yesterday (have I told you how much I love you, Heather??). I haven't seen it yet and I tend to say it doesn't count until it's at mommy, but Heather swears it was the real deal. So just a few days apart from each other they smile. Awwwww!

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