Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm about to get cranky.

The twins are already there. In cranky-ville, that is. I swear, they have totally forgotten how to sleep well and sleep for decent stretches of time. What the heck is going on? It's really starting to tick me off quite honestly.

Tonight, I have replaced the pacis dozens of times. They acted like they hated being swaddled a few nights ago so we stopped that, but I have swaddled them again tonight. Tonight, I removed the car seats from the crib (which they had been sleeping in every night up to now), swaddled them tight, placed them right next to each other in the crib and have walked away....only to return all those times to replace pacifiers. But now I've walked away and it's quiet. Wait no, someone is stirring again. Drat.

You can't let a twin cry when they share a sleeping room. Well, you can, but then you'll have 2 babies awake instead of just one. So hard.

Yep, one is awake again. I'll keep updating but we have waged war on this sleeping crap and I am determined to win.


Manda said...

Awwh. Good luck Tena! I hope that Macey & Madelyn decide that enough is enough and will sleep well for you again!!! I swear if I was closer I would be over there in a heartbeat lending a hand so you could sleep!!!!!!

KuskoMama said...

I'm sorry to read this Tena, it must be very difficult. Do you think the girls might be approaching milestones (rolling over?) and thus cranky? I've always found major milestones and crankiness went together in my children. I wish I lived closer and I'd come take a night shift for you.

Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Full moon. It has to be. We can't see it because of all the blasted clouds, but I would guess full moon. Why? Gretchen and Naomi are up numerous times a night. And, N is teething and G keeps having nightmares. I am not sleeping well either because of nightmares, that is why I would say, FULL MOON! But, if you need a break, you call me and let me know.