Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thanks for the support!

I am not quite so tearful, but I would pay a good price for tons of sleep. Honestly, I got up 100% with my older three, James never did. I never expected him to. He was working full-time and I nursed Caden and Avery, so it didn't even make sense for him to get up. But this time (it must be the c-section) I don't even hear the girls when they start to stir. James often has one completely fed before I am even aware that anyone was up. (They are in a crib in our bedroom, so it isn't like they are far away and hard to hear.) I feel really bad about that but I am so thankful for his help! We just talked tonight about how to get better we both just get up every time and make it quick? Do we take shifts - I would take 9pm - 2am and he'd take 2am - wake up time? We're not quite sure what the most sure-fire way to go would be.

This week I'll be starting to lift my older kids more. My dr asked me to not lift anything heavier than one baby for 2 weeks, and that will be Wednesday. After that I think that I'll be starting more and more to be on my own. James will be home on Monday, our awesome respite provider will be here most of the day on Tuesday, my mom is coming on Wednesday to help and then we'll start going for it. I am planning to ship out my oldest 2 for sure during naptime, and all 3 of them whenever possible for a good chunk of the day.

So, that is that. I'm trying to plan ahead. Trying to set up as many volunteers as possible for help with the older 3, specifically the oldest. I can't leave him alone in a room with the twins. I can't leave him near them - he tries to pick them up, hugs them SUUUUUUUUUUUPER tight, is just untrustable with them though he loves them SO much. I'm waiting for the new baby novelty to wear off for them, mainly for Caden. I must admit though, they are so cute they are hard to resist!

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MusicalMom said...

My girls haven't slept 6 hours since I blogged it. They go 4 or 5. Did you know that they'd be this much work? I love when they nap. I love snuggling them and stuff, but I love having some "me" time. Of course, when my parents leave I don't think I'll get any of that for a while.