Wednesday, July 01, 2009

36 weeks today - a big milestone

I believe 36 weeks is considered term for twins. I FEEL term. I know I've mentioned the measurements before and how they measure you just like you're carrying a single baby - the "biggest" being 40cm because you're 40 weeks pregnant, kwim? Well, I measured 49 today. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I just find that ridiculously funny.

So yes. The appt today went well, blood pressure is excellent, I have lots of swelling in my legs and feet and face and fingers and everywhere, but I am upright and walking and I really don't have much to complain about. I did get some prednisone for the intense itching of PUPPP. Let's hope that alleviates it somewhat. The rash should start to go away within 1-2 weeks after delivery. I was hoping it'd be 1-2 days but knowing there's an end in sight helps (a little).

I have a non-stress test again tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. After that it's just a waiting game to see if my body actually ever WILL go into labor on its own or if, like all of my kids, these girls need to also be evicted from their cushy water home. I am a fingertip dilated for those of you who care...basically that means nothing is happening. He did however say he could feel a prominent head down there, which is our sweet baby A who has been pushed to the netherregions of my uterus but is still staking her claim at FIRSTBORN! Will keep you posted - thank you for the support and prayers!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so happy for you, and I cant wait to see pictures of these two sweeties!

Christine said...

Wow! It's gonna be soon. My guess is within the next two weeks. looking forward to meeting the twins.

Kristi said...

Thinking of you and hoping the babies come soon.. Take care of yourself.

Tricia and Andrew said...

I'm so happy that the end is near. I pray that you will have comfort and peace in the next week! We're looking forward to seeing those girls! You are such a trooper!

MusicalMom said...

I was measuring that big, too! I'm so excited for you!!! We named our girls Natalie and Lillian. :)