Friday, July 24, 2009

A better night - hallelujah!

So last night we tried a few things. First off, James put in earplugs. Turns out I can sleep through a lot more noise than James can which actually I find ironic because he was always able to sleep through the older 3 crying. Hmmm. Anyway, he put in earplugs and in James fashion was asleep within 2-3 minutes (I do not kid). At 11pm, just 20 minutes or so after we had all laid down, they both started taking turns fussing. After trying the pacifiers multiple times I finally said "screw it" and gave them both 2 oz bottles, burped them, swaddled them up tight and turned out the light.

At around 1:30 Madelyn started fussing. I've been telling James we need to let her fuss a bit or at the very least offer the pacifier so she's not getting so used to the 2.5 hour schedule. I hauled her into our bed (I know) and offered the pacifier several times. It must have worked...the next time I was awoken was 3:15! Which means that little Macey went from the 11:00 bottle until 3:15 swaddled in her crib, yay! So they both ate at 3:15 and then not again until the 6:00 hour. That's great progress.

You probably don't care how often they're getting up or any of that, but I really want to remember this years from now so hopefully blogspot will still be around. :)

Edit: We also had to bring Avery in this morning because we thought she might have a UTI. Turns out she does. Another 10 days of medicine for one of my girls!


Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Does it feel like sometimes you can't get ahead?!?! Now, watch for ear infections, they are "going around" in our community.

YEAH SLEEPING! And, I am one for advocating numerous things in your blog: earplugs, paci's, bedtime with MOm and Dad to get some baby's bring about so many trials and errors but it sounds like it is starting to pay off! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

Kristi said...

Last night was the first night Nicholas slept kinda through the night. From about 1am to 6 it was pure luxury.. ha ha..

debbie said...

Hey Tena WOW!!! I saw your twins on your facebook page...they are really beautiful!

Cindy said...

Ear plugs and pacies are THE WAY to go! I'm so glad the team of Tena and James is working together so will survive!