Monday, July 27, 2009

The sleeping continues to go well!

I should knock on some wood, but instead I'm praising God! Last night little Macey slept for 6 straight hours. And of course, Madelyn did a 5.5 hour stretch, but it wasn't at the same time. We have been trying to keep them on the same eating schedule but Macey has been slowly working up to sleeping longer and longer stretches so no way am I going to wake her up to feed her if she'll sleep 6 hours! They are swaddled, in their carseats, in the's working, and we aren't touching it! Hoping for as much success tonight!

And guess what? Madelyn has thrush now! So all THREE of my little girls are on medication!! Which totally reminds me that I forgot to give Avery her meds before bed. I am really awful about remembering meds. Anyone have any good tips for remembering that??


Nicole said...

I SET a reminder on my cell phone...but I am addicted to my cell phone. lol

Michelle said...

don't feel bad, I'm horrible at remembering too!