Wednesday, October 15, 2008

See my pretty-boy?

Thanks to my friend Tammy for brightening up his picture so he looks all the more sparkling! He really is a sweetheart. Just makes me smile every time I get to pick him up...which is a lot as he barely sits by himself yet. Makes him VERY easy to care for! Though earlier today I had an "oops" moment - I sat him down next to me on the floor while I was at the computer (shocked, aren't you?) and he fell over and hit his head on the bottom of the computer chair. Ouchers baby, I am sorry!!

James is home. That's why I haven't been blogging, there's a lot of kissy face to do! I really did miss him. It made me think though about how dependent you should be on someone. I mean, would I be ok if, God-forbid, something happened to James? I mean, I'd like to think with God's help I would make it but man, how I missed him!!! He really is my best friend. But he's hilarious, I have to tell on him with something...

Every time he goes away I like to nag him about how much time he spent thinking about us, etc. Usually, in typical guy fashion he screws up and says he didn't think about me a lot, that kinda stuff. Well, I told him this time that he needed to buy us stuff because usually I get nothing. The kids get nothing. Again, he's a guy, he gets somewhat of a pass, but I was pushier this time apparently. I sent him with $200 cash. His parents spoiled his tush and paid for most everything while he was gone (thank you, but you should have been watching him closer in the gift shops, people!!!) so the only think he really spent on was gifts for us and a shirt for himself. He had $60 when he returned. Holy smack. He did VERY well for me - I got a precious Willow Tree figurine and a beautiful Faith, Hope, Love religious silver bracelet. But here's where it gets dicey. He bought each of the kids tee shirts, Declan a onesie. Want to know the price of the onesie? Sit down. It was $20. FOR A ONESIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never, ever, EVER again will I hear flack about how much Gymboree costs.

All this, from the man who didn't even remember a card for our 10th wedding anniversary in June. *smack*

God love you James, you rock my world.


Kristi said...

Aww glad he is back home.. Beautiful picture of Declan..

Jen said...

$20 for a onesie?!?! Falling over. :-)

Glad to hear your honey is back. It does suck when they are gone, huh?

Anonymous said...


He is a cutie pie, sorry about the ouchies.

No more complaining about gymbo prices LOL.