Friday, October 10, 2008

Great to hear from you, James!

I loved it when my phone rang today and it was you! Even though I was driving and really should have been paying more attention to the 3 small children in the vehicle rather than you...wait no, I should have been paying attention to driving, that's it. Anyway, we're home so I guess all is well.

I can see 3 teeth on the top of Declan's mouth. I think that is the reason for the night-waking as of lately. Though this morning he didn't wake until 5:30, so not too bad. Right now he's back in his pack n play, screaming again. I can't get him to be happy no matter where I place him. I think it's time for Tylenol or Orajel. I'll probably get him up soon and we'll go outside to do his favorite - SWING! Is he like his older brother or what? Yesterday he fell asleep outside in the swing.

It's gorgeous here, but windy. So you wouldn't like it. It's 74 degrees or so.

Caden should be home in about 20 minutes, with his cousins arriving about 20 minutes after that. Tonight we're going to my parents' to have supper and just hang out. Tomorrow I have no plans, but that awesome chick who bought all my Gymboree clothes from me last garage sale would like to meet up and go through my stuff again, insta-garage sale from the hatch of the Odyssey! That would be great.

Alright, time to crack the last full caff Mt. Dew of the day and brace myself for 3 more little ones to arrive. Continue to have a wonderful time! We love you and miss you, but we're doing just fine. :)

PS - it's - add tenacadensmommy :)

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