Friday, January 11, 2008

We have a date!

Induction is now scheduled for 6:30am on Thursday, January 17. I really wanted the 16th due to 2 friends having birthdays that day, but it wasn't possible with our OB department, so the 17th it will be. We'll do it the same way we did Avery - go in to the OB and my doctor will just break my water and it's off to the races!

Any predictions on how fast this time? With Caden from the time my water was broke until the time he was here was 2 hours 45 minutes - but we had used some meds to start my labor hours before my water was broke with him. With Avery it was just over 3 hours from water breaking to her delivery. We're praying it goes just as fast if not faster this time, too!

Caden and Avery are excited. We're all excited. Here's a pic I captured of the two of them early this afternoon - they're practicing up!

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Myssie said...

Avery looks like a natural! I hope all goes well with the delivery. I will be praying...