Thursday, January 10, 2008

Today's the day!

Due date, that is. And, in typical our-baby fashion, he's still cooking in there. I am not complaining. I have no pie-in-the-sky fantasies about how easy and flawless this is going to be now that the little ones will outnumber the big ones. Sure, I want to meet him and see him and snuggle him and all of that, but he's OHHHHH so easy to carry around in utero. My joke is that we overcook them in our house - they still come out tender, but they're "well done." :)

Still, a due date comes with such anticipation. It's like a birthday you never knew existed, one you've been planning for for months...and here it is, with no hoopla at all. I was 6 days late with Caden and had to be induced, and was induced with Avery just 2 days before her due date. My labors tend to go quite quickly, so once the water is broken it's time to go go go!

I've gotten a lot accomplished. I am more "ready" for the baby than I have been for any others. There are actually meals made and frozen in the freezer. The house is clean(ish), lol. There are gifts bought for each of the kids from the baby, and from the kids to the baby. Maybe the 3rd time's the charm, or maybe I just realize - "Get cracking lady! You aren't going to have MORE time once he's here!" Nesting is always fun for me though - sort of like a small blast-from-the past of being manic without the negative side effects. I wonder if I could market that. *giggle*


Myssie said...

Oh, Tena, I have been wondering whether or not you have had the baby! I pray that he decides to come soon and you have a fast, pain free delivery! I am thinking about you! Good Luck!

Tena said...

Fast labor I can do - pain free is up to God, and while He's generous, I'm not planning on it!!