Thursday, January 31, 2008

Declan's birth story

What? He's only 2 weeks old. I'm not THAT behind. Things are going well here - not getting a ton of sleep but it's not awful either. Declan (you pronounce it DECK-lan) is a good baby overall. Slightly fussy, but we're now trying soy formula instead of regular to see if that helps with the fussies. If you read this today (Thursday Jan 31) please say a prayer for us - I'm not yet ready to share but tiny man has some possible complications. I'll share when I can - we don't know anything for sure yet...we just could use prayers as we wait for test results today.

We got to the hospital around 6:30 Thursday morning, Jan 17. Our dr was back in OB already and by 6:55 the IV needle was in my arm (just in case I wanted pain meds) and I was laying back, ready for him to break my water. Now with Avery, I was dilated to 3 and one swipe with the amniohook and we had a gush. Holy smack, not with Declan. Our doc had to try at least 5 times, with a break in between because I was not exactly cooperative at times. He said he'd try one last time (I was a -2 station so D's head was WAY up there) and then we'd start pitocin, which I didn't want. The last time he did it, and there was a gush. YAY! Except OW, I'm serious, that was probably the most painful part of the day. So literally, nothing happened for hours. From 10-11 I had some regular contractions, but I know myself and they weren't that bad. We tried walking, changing positions, etc. At around 12:30 my dr checked me again and I was still dilated to 4 with the same effacement and -2 station. He said we needed to start some pitocin - dangit. So they started a very small dose, upped it after about 15 minutes. An hour later my dr was back and he said to crank the pit. Nice. So they did that around 1:30 and that's when things flew. I don't remember the exact timing of the events, but I know I had my first dose of Sublimase (pain meds, yep, I didn't make it, lol) at 2:10 or so. I was able to relax a bit between contractions with that and by 3:00 I was asking for more pain meds. The nurse gave a 1/2 dose at 3:05 and by that point I was 8-9 and feeling WAY pushy. At 3:10 my dr was running down the OB hallway (my SIL was working and gave me the outside play by play) and I was complete. The nurse had called him 10 minutes before to say I was 6-7 and feeling pushy, so she called him again just before 3:10 because I was asking, "IS HE COMING?????"

So I started pushing and here's where things get dicey. With the first push his head crowned, and it's usually at this point that I push again and the whole head comes out. Easy peasy. Not so this time. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed and that stinking head wouldn't come further. James was sweetly coaching me along, "He's almost here honey, I can see he's got lots of hair!" but dangit if I couldn't get him to come out. And, interestingly enough, my contractions QUIT. I pushed because I knew I had to to get him to keep coming. The dr kept saying, "Another push and we'll have a baby." and nada. I was SO frustrated. So I finally gave it EVERYTHING I had and just pushed like mad and his head came out, cord wrapped so tight they couldn't slide it off. So it had to be cut with just his head out. Then I gave a gentle push and delivered the rest of him at 3:25 (so only 15 mins of pushing, but it felt like forever), and they whisked him to the warmer and started assessing him. He did have a heartrate and his color was ok, but there was nothing else. His first APGAR was 3 and they started giving him oxygen to get him to start breathing. I was trying not to freak out and just giving it over to God, but Caden did the same thing to us at birth (his first APGAR was 2) and it's just plain scary. I hate it. I told James it almost makes me think we're done at 3 with the way these deliveries go for our little boys. That and the amniohook ordeal this time, shudder. He came around though...they had to give him narcan to counteract the effects of the sublimase I got so close to his arrival. That was most of the problem - I got that drug so close to the time he was born (and not a lick bit of good it did anyone, either). Once that drug made its way into him he started breathing on his own and everything, so that was good. So slightly scary but overall a very fast labor again! Once that pitocin got cranking we were flying.

Declan is now SCREAMING so I must go. I WILL post pics very soon. I promise. He's so cute!

Edit - ok, he stopped screaming for the moment. Here's a pic of him as we're getting ready to leave the hospital on Sat the 19th:


Myssie said...

He is beautiful! What a birth story you have to share with him later! I will be praying for Declan and your family today, I hope that everything is okay.

Terri H-E said...

He's as lovely as the rest of your family. Hope you feel prayers coming from a northeasterly direction. Congratulations!

Michelle said...

I've been praying for you Tena as you await the results. I can't imagine how scary his arrival must have been with an Apgar of 3 ( and Caden's 2). Austin was blessed to have an 8 and Andrew a 9.

Cindy said...

Tena, Thanks for sharing your birth story! We're praying for your peace and Declan's health.

Jessica said...

He is adorable:)
Your children are all beautiful. Hope all is well, thinking of you.