Thursday, January 03, 2013

Yesterday's starting weight was not pretty.  Not at all.  When I FIRST started my weight loss journey 3 years ago I was 267.  I was just 9 pounds under that yesterday, which means the 70+ I had lost had turned into 9.  NINE.  So sad. 

But.  There's nowhere to go but back down.  And that's where I'm heading.

This morning I was down 1.6 pounds from yesterday.  So in one day (plus 3 years, shhhh) I have now lost 10 pounds!  Woo hoo!

And I actually exercised yesterday.  Granted, it was 20 minutes of walking at only 2.5 (a few minutes at 3.0) and I was winded and sweating.  But again.  There's nowhere to go but healthier from here. 

Some observations about my weight/size/health:
a) I am not able to go up a flight of stairs without breathing harder.
b) Carrying a twin (30ish pounds) up the same flight of stairs nearly makes me have to stop to collect my breath.
c) I have quite a few aches and pains in my joints.
d) It is difficult for me to bend over for the time it takes to help one of my kids get dressed or put shoes on.
e) I try to avoid squatting to help someone with shoes because I just about can't get up from that position.
f) I have a difficult time putting on socks and shoes (the bending over/forward part).

So there's some honesty for you.  My hope is that, along with weight loss, all of these items will be things I have no problems with in a matter of a few months.


Christine said...

I'm just posting to encourage you. I'm hoping this is the year I get back to my normal weight (I'm only 5 lbs over pre-Alex but would like to lose another 30). I'm hoping to feel some physical benefits from it soon (if things keep rolling)...

megan vande voort said...

Hang in there girl! It's taken me a year but I've dropped a jean size. I rewarded myself with new jeans and boots. Rewards at milestones seem to be my best motivation!

Alyssa Gaskill said...


Unknown said...

Oh I know the feeling! My way back to fitness is three short walks a day. Just 10-15 minutes a day, preferable after meals, but you and I both know that is not always possible with kids. But just three short walks keeps your metabolism up and gets you out in the fresh air and sunshine.