Monday, March 07, 2011

A bit of a setback

So I posted about how I wanted to reach ONEderland by my birthday. Fail. Today is said birthday (and it's snowing, that is just wrong) and I am not there. I did sort of set my goal a little lofty, especially for someone who loathes exercise. I'm not disappointed, but I want to remain accountable to myself. I've had a wonderful weekend of traveling with my 3 oldest and James to Wisconsin Dells and visiting with the other midwest RTS families, but it was not good for the calorie aspect. Today I am giving myself the day off (I had malted milk balls for lunch, darn that Easter candy!!) but tomorrow I am back on track. The next time I talk about weight loss I will have reached 199.x. Ta-ta for now!


Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Your numbers only mean something to you, because your readers (me included) are still so flippin' proud of you for making goals and working toward them! we are proud of you, so it is good to be honost about your goals, but numbers only mean something to you, we love you regardless!!! Yeah Tena, we are proud of you and love you!!! Happy birthday too by the way.

Michelle said...

Keep us updated so we can celebrate with you! I'm proud of you!