Friday, February 25, 2011

Holy health-related craziness

Sooo, I guess we can count on February being a banner month for our family. Last year it meant whooping cough for James and both twins, leading to an ambulance ride for Macey and several hospital stays. The twins also both had RSV last Feb. Which leads me to THIS Feb...

All 5 kids have been sick with one thing or another. First it was strep, which made its way through the ranks. Now it's the tummy flu, which started with Madelyn on Wednesday, then moved to Macey Thursday and also to Declan Thursday night. This morning (Friday) Macey has thrown up a few more times but Madelyn and Declan seem to be doing ok...though Declan hasn't had a thing to eat or drink. I'm being cautious, especially considering the fact that he's laying on our bed watching cartoons right now. Here's a picture of Madelyn from earlier in the week. All she wanted to do was lay down and sleep, wherever she was:

Which leads me back to Monday (still in Feb, noted). Avery fell off the monkey bars at school, hurting her wrist. Her teacher called me when Avery was on the bus and told me about it, so I watched her when she got home - I could tell there was a problem. Off to the ER we went and she has a buckle fracture to both bones in her wrist! She got a splint in the ER, and she wore it proudly. We had to amputate one of the sleeves of a pair of winter jammies but I'm ready to amputate winter anyway:

She was ready to go to school the very next morning! All smiles, what a trooper:

And on Wednesday she had a regular cast put on. She wanted RED (daddy's favorite color) and she is so proud of it. I finally talked her into letting me write on it and I wrote "mommy loves you!" with a little heart. She loved it and is taking the Sharpie to school today to let her classmates have at it! We'll see what it looks like after school. Here's yesterday, after I wrote my message:


Brandi said...

Maybe we should boycott February next year. Seems like so many people are very sick during the month of February!

So sorry Tena. You must be one exhausted mom! Hugs for strength.

Tressa said...

Poor Ave. Will be praying for all you and your little guys. Have fun with your Holy health-related craziness. Oh yeah, and, you bet it isn't holy!! hahaha (you know what I mean:)

Cindy said...

February is rarely a good month for us, either. Casts are sooo cute, and I'm sure Avery loved all the attention...I just wish we could avoid what requires a cast!

February is almost over!

Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

Although I am pitying your family this month and last year in Feb, I can't help but laugh out loud, literally - not just in teenspeak- at your post. I love reading your posts and seeing photos. My favorite is Avery proudly ready to go to school with her splint (and the comment before that about amputating winter anyway_LOVE IT!). You are funny. I like where you wrote your message to Avery too, right where she can see it for the next 4-6 weeks!