Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FYI - Purex 3-in-1 sheets are not meant for front loading washers

I went hog-wild at Wal-Mart about a week ago and bought tons of packages of the Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets. I had 20 of the $3/1 coupons and ended up getting each package for free, and then they owed ME $2.03...on each one. It was an awesome deal but my friends and family mocked me mercilessly because it took about 45 minutes to check out (the store didn't believe me at first, but then found the new policy so accepted it) and they thought it was ridiculous. I thought I was brilliant. I ended up MAKING $40.60 and walking out with 20 (trial sized) packages of Purex. Score one for the extreme couponer wannabe.

Fast forward to today. There were probably at least 5 loads of laundry that went through our machine yesterday. Today I started early with the boys' sheets. I noticed that the washer was taking forever to get done and it kept switching over to pause and then finally just turning off and not draining or spinning. We've only had our washer/dryer set for 10 months so I called the appliance store and they were literally here in under 2 hours (go, them!). He figured out right away that the draining was the problem, and said it was probably the drain pump. Not an easy fix. He also said that sometimes kids' socks will get stuck in the pump's basket and once you pull that out it functions fine so we'll hope for that (although THAT'S not covered by warranty, sigh). He pulled it apart and there was something stuck in there...I'm guessing you can guess what it was...

Yes, a stupid Purex 3-in-1 sheet plugging it up! Aauuugh! He showed me where things can slip between the seal and the machine, right down into the pump and sure enough, those things are just thin enough to do just that. He said this isn't the first time he's seen one of those stuck, either, and it will probably cost us more than the $40.60 I "made".

SO! Do not use those if you have a front loader. He actually told me to just stick it in a mesh laundry bag with socks or something and then I'd still be able to use them all up so I don't have to just throw them away - brilliant! But I'd like to save you from a repair bill if you're thinking of using them.

= evil


Mark and Valerie Brandt said...

purex isn't evil, but the repairman who said to put them in a mesh laundry bag is brilliant!!!! Now you know and have saved the rest of us from the unforeseeable foe!!!!!!

Bev Roozeboom said...

Tena you are SO funny :). Glad you're still able to use the 3-in-1 sheets. Maybe you ought to contact purex and see if they'll pay your repair bill?? hmmm, who knows? This could turn out to be a real sweet deal for you!!

Cindy said...

I like Bev's idea of contacting purex!

BTW, I had the same repair a few years ago, but they were little socks clogging. Do I put our socks in bags? No...I'm too lazy.