Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tulip Time!

I swore I was not going to march in a parade all decked out in a Dutch costume. That all came crashing down as I proudly marched my twin baby girls in the "Dutch Doubles" part of the afternoon parade today! They got lots of attention which was fun for me, hahahaha! I also got a big ol sunburn on my face, which is pronounced by the fact that the hat I wore with my Dutch costume came down my forehead about 1/2 an inch. I look ridiculous.

Worst part? Both twins got sunburned faces, too. Bad mommy moment!

Sooo, we're camping and it's not going super well. In fact, I'm home right now with Macey and Madelyn because they wouldn't stop crying in their "beds". Mmmm hmmm, we've got to get the bed thing figured out in the camper. Last night went REALLY bad but we toughed it out. Tonight was going better but I figured with their lil sunburned faces and all that it just wasn't worth letting them cry in the camper. So I popped them into their cribs and they are happy girls!! Granted, it's after 10pm and they're still awake but's supposed to storm tonight and I don't care to be down there during a storm. So it's a win-win for me!


Christine said...

aw... I want to see pictures (not of the sunburned, of the fun part!).

Sounds like a good call on being at home. Everybody wins :)

megan vande voort said...

Sullivan got a little sun too! I didn't even think about his face since the rest of his body was covered. Oops!