Thursday, February 05, 2009

So now I've known for 24 hours

and I really thought I would feel better this morning. Fact is, I don't. I am overwhelmed. I told my friend Heather this morning that I was disappointed, and she assured me that it probably wasn't disappointment - rather, it was huge overwhelmingness (is that a word? I feel it, so it should be.). James is excited. He feels like God has doubly blessed us. I'd like to get there, but for now I am just "wow".

Yesterday I was in for a follow-up on Declan. I asked our dr what might be causing my discomfort - lots of pelvic floor pain and cramping in my uterus (now I know, it's called STRETCHING). He called for an ultrasound for me and it was scheduled for 12:15 already. Basically the tech put the probe on my stomach, smiled at me HUGE, and went to turn my screen on so I could see...I KNEW it (plus Avery's been saying all along that there were 2 babies in there). I said to her "Please don't tell me it's twins." and she said, "Do you want me to lie to you?" and I, kinda!!! Then she said, "I'm checking to make sure there's only 2" to which I replied, "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" But there they were, 2 beating hearts, one at 160, one at 153.

I'd like to share the ultrasound pictures with you. I'll explain a little bit, but some are kind of difficult to see I realize. They tell me I'll have LOTS more ultrasounds and many more appointments so yes, we will be finding out the genders!!

Here's some looking down at them from "above" - the tops of their heads:

Baby A moved over a bit, you can see the profile:

Baby B's bottom, Baby A's head:

Baby A:

Baby B in upper left corner, baby A in lower right, all 4 hands between:

Baby A:

Stacked babies, here's B on top of A:


angie said...

Wow! How cool is that? How far along are you? They look so developed already:). Congrats times 2 again:). Like someone else said....I'm living vicariously through your uterus:). I would love to have twins....but I'd rather have them as my 1st.....but, oh twins....YIKES!!! If you were going to have 4...what is one more, right? That's a joke! Don't throw things at me through the computer, k?

Terri H-E said...

Awe, sweet A & B - so nice to meet you!

You get to be overwhelmed and you don't have to be happy about it right now. We'll be happy for you and you let us know what we can do.

You'll have to talk with Mary Lemke at the reunion and her double sets of twins!

Thanks for sharing their first pictures.

Cindy said...

I'm finding out the news a little late. Yes, I could COMPLETELY understand being overwhelmed. I always said that God gave me a special needs child because I needed to learn patience. :) So God has given you twins for some grand reason. He is good, and you will do fine and you are going to be a SUPERMOM! (Both in the superhero sense and in the literal sense!)

Brouwer Family said...

Amazing. I can hear you say "Shut up" to the ultrasound technician and it makes me smile.
I completly understand and appreciate your shock, sadness, and overwhelmed feelings.

The VanderPloeg's said...

TENA- WOW! Congratulations! What crazy wonderful news! I'll be looking forward to reading about this pregnancy here on your blog! I am praying for you. SO glad to reconnect with you here.


Christine said...

aww... little babies. If I get a next time, I always would've loved to see this for me. LOL

Jen said...

How sweet!!! You can do it! :-) Oh the matching outfits we'll buy. . .

Lynnae said...

I think it's completely understandable that you're still overwhelmed. It's only been 24 hours!

After you hold them, and hear their first little baby noises, smell their soft skin, and get to know their little personalities, you'll never think twice about being a mommy to twins. But because they're not here yet, it's probably hard to wrap your mind around it.

Sarah said...

Oh Tena, congrats to you and your family. How exciting! They look gorgeous already! I just love the one of their four little hands. Perfect! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and life with 5 isn't too overwhelming for you!

Anonymous said...


You are a bit overwhelmed right now, that is to be expected. You are truly blessed. Congrats once again.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Oh my goodness, was this your first ultrasound??? Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

Jacqui said...

Tena those scans are so adorable. With the two babies facing each other. How special. But I can COMPLETELY GET that you are in shock and overwhelmed and trying to process a million feelings. So give yourself time and space to get your head around this!!!!

Megan said...

I LOVE the pictures! They are so neat!!

I'm thinking of you!