Thursday, September 04, 2008

Letters to my children

A thought struck me the other night. I could use this blog to write periodic letters to my children - sort of an online baby book. Sometimes I want to remember what they're doing but I never seem to haul out that baby book and write it down. So I thought this might be a nice place to do that. Plus you get to read up on them and find out what makes them tick and you get to hear me gush. What could be better?

First goes my lastborn - Declan.

Dear baby, you are precious! Never have I experienced such a laid-back, contented baby. You are 7 months, and for the past couple of weeks you have been working on your bottom tooth. You love to suck your lips in while feeling it - it must feel very funny! You look like a little old man with no teeth when you suck your lips in like that.

On Tuesday, you said your first word. Mommy was getting ready to leave and Grandma Jean was holding you. I said "bye bye" to you and you paused, then said "dyyy dyyyyy!!!!" I would have second-guessed that you actually did say it, but Grandma Jean confirmed it - it was definite! You also waved with certainty last week Tuesday when she was here. You must really like her or something! Your wave is precious - you extend your whole arm and curl just your fingers in and out.

You are really getting the hang of grabbing toys too and love to spend time sitting up in your highchair playing with toys. Avery loves to collect the toys that drop on the floor which is very nice for mommy. Everything goes into your mouth, of course. Speaking of that, you don't do super great with the eating thing unless it's sweet things like fruit. Grandma Sue gave you some chocolate ice cream while we were camping on Avery's birthday last week but you weren't too sure about that. Today at lunch you sat in your highchair next to Avery sitting at the island and she fed you bites of her applesauce - it was too cute! Whenever she would take a bite and not offer you one your mouth would hang open, just waiting.

You're still rolling over only from your back to your front, but you don't get a lot of floor time to be honest. I found out on the first day of school for Caden (Aug 21) that you CAN sit up all by yourself, but you're not a big fan of it. You sleep very well for us, going down at the same time as Caden and Avery (6:45-7:00pm) and sleeping until 6:00-6:30am - which is perfect for mommy because she can feed you and get ready herself, then get Caden up to get on the bus by 7:30.

You got your first haircut on Saturday. You have beautiful hair, but it was SUPER LONG in some places. Underneath it was all the same length so mommy just cut off all the long stuff and boy, did it grow you up! You look handsome as ever.

Hugs and kisses Declan-boo! We love you to the moon and back and to the moon and back again and......

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Anonymous said...

Geez I still have in my head that he is a newborn, not a little man that is sitting up, talking, waving and eating big boy food. LOL Time goes way too fast.