Friday, September 26, 2008

I got to see my boy at school!

I had the chance to see Caden "in action" at school yesterday - many thanks to my MIL (that's Mother In Law, for those of you not familiar with internet lingo) for watching the 2 youngest so I could go see him. It was interesting, for sure.

They are very enamored of Caden. It's very sweet to see, but the problem is, he's not always so sweet. And, he knows he's got their number and takes full advantage. While I was there (no more than 1 hour) I saw him hit, pinch, pull hair and slap at least 7 times. SEVEN. It took everything in my power not to get off my kid-sized-not-made-for-parents chair and place him in the time-out of the century. But I did not intervene. I watched, and that was enlightening. I can totally understand why no bigger action was taken, but once I had the chance I spoke to his aide and his Kindergarten teacher about Caden needing to be placed in IMMEDIATE time-outs for such behavior. I feel better now that they are on-board. :)

Caden's IEP is on Tuesday so I am glad I had the opportunity to watch him! He seems to be doing very well.


Kristi said...

Thats great Tena.. It was probably so hard to sit there and not intervene. Glad Caden is doing so well.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so glad the teachers were on board.
Wow, I cant imagine Alex sitting in a classroom. How fun!

Michelle said...

Same thing here with Austin. When he gets frustrated or mad, he lightly hits (doesn't hurt but still hitting). He hit his aid for some reason last week so I made sure his teacher knew that I didn't tolerate it and he needed a time out as well. Cheers to tough moms! LOL