Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Outdoorsing" again!

We were able to snag a couple of camping sites for this weekend (not an easy task, but we're good!!) but that means we had to pay for the site since Sunday. It's ok though, because we decided to head out there last night (Wed.) already and plan to stay out there through Monday...except of course here I am at home blogging on Thursday morning. hee hee And James is working and Caden has to be brought to school and all of that.

Speaking of Caden and being brought to school...there was an incident yesterday in the morning. I don't know details, but "for Caden's safety" he will either be moved to the back of the suburban (a total pain as we'd have to climb over other seats to get him buckled in) or possibly the route will be switched up so Caden isn't riding at the same time as another child. Please pray for this situation. I am bringing Caden to school for the rest of the week (started this morning) while it gets ironed out. Caden is FINE, wasn't hurt or anything, but his driver is a wonderful lady who wants the best for all, so she's working on it. I brought him this morning and met his 1:1 aide, Charon, who is another wonderful lady! We talked for a bit and things are going really well for all!

And guess whose birthday is on Saturday? Avery Sue will be 4!!!

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Myssie said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!! I hope that you enjoy your day and have some CAKE!!!