Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Soooo over it

Alright.  Not even 24 hours into 2014 and I am SO over it.  It being sickness.

I think we finally have Caden's massive ear infection figured out, but it took 3 ER visits and countless hours of him sobbing during the night.  Tomorrow he has to go back to the clinic for a follow up and possibly more antibiotic injections AND we have to wrestle the brute down for drops 4x a day.  After holding him down he said with all the fury he could muster: "THAT'S NOT NICE!!!!"  HE MAD.

Then the twins have been vomiting off and on since Saturday...Madelyn screamed about her ear hurting a couple of days ago along with the vomiting so I started her on antibiotics that we had in case of strep throat during our Montana trip (we have the world's best doctor, just fyi).  Well, Madelyn is STILL throwing up and of course tonight she begged to sleep in Avery's bed and yes, you guessed it, puked all over in Avery's bed just after bedtime.  So Avery is bawling because "she threw up all over my STUUUUFFFFFFF!" and I'm ready to be mad at Madelyn for her puking (I know, stellar mom moment) and just GAH!!!

Macey felt like she had a fever when I kissed her goodnight.  I'm guessing the odds are in my favor that she does indeed have a fever upon waking.  I do also have antibiotics left for her but really REALLY don't like to use them unless I know for sure there's a problem...

And Declan.  The only one without real issues, except Madelyn slid down the slide on his loft bed last night and her toenail scraped along the fleshy part of his hand.  And you'd think he was dying, right on his deathbed.

HAPPY FREAKIN' 2014!!!!  It's not starting off nice, but I bet we'll see brighter days ahead.  We better, anyway.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a terrible, horrible, very bad day, and I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to run away to Australia. Take heart, the Lord loves you, they will get better, you will get some sleep and the sun will shine. Happy New Year!